What to expect from our lessons?

At JC Economics Education Centre, we have thoughtfully put together a unique programme that is


Based on the current, up-to-date MOE syllabus .


Exam-Oriented and Focused.


Enriching and meaningful

Our Economics curriculum is targeted at helping our students to develop higher-level skills such as critical thinking, presentation and analysis. We drill them to not only be strong in their economics concepts but also to apply them actively to every question they come across, preparing them for tests and examinations. We teach them to develop their independent opinions rather than recite mindlessly from lecture notes. They also learn to appreciate Economics, boosting their motivation to excel at it.


Students walk away not only with their distinctions, but also emerge as more effective and holistic individuals overall.


Our lesson materials including notes and practice papers are constantly being updated. This to ensure that our students learn what they are being tested. It is also updated based on recent macroeconomic events so that they are in the know of existing economic circumstances. This is because Cambridge now expects students to be aware of Economics in the real world and often includes such contexts in their tests. Our lesson materials complements our lessons seamlessly. Extra content is also provided for students to attempt on their own outside of lesson, who can request to have their answers marked.


Our special holiday programme will give our students the final boost right before any major examination.


Our approach of CONTENT FOCUS + SKILLS CONSOLIDATION + ERROR CORRECTION has proven to be extremely helpful to our students who see great success in their A-Level Economics Examinations. Try it for yourself and see your scores soar!


All Economics lessons will be conducted by Mr Anthony Fok, the founder of the centre, who single-handedly designs each lesson.