The students are mostly taught through essay questions and case studies. They are guided through the process of how to tackle questions, from Economics question analysis to answer-writing. This process allows students to identify concepts they are not familiar with, skills that they are not as adept at, etc.

When necessary, some lessons will focus on summarizing key topics. While going through concepts, possible questions will also be raised to remind studens.

This two-way approach helps students to continually see the links between concepts and questions, key to success in exams.

Read more about our pedagogy here.

Mr Anthony Fok will be teaching every single lesson at JC Economics Education Centre. He uses real world examples to explain textbook concepts, humour to keep his students interested and questions to show his students how it is done.

H1/H2 Economics based on the A Level Syllabus by SEAB is being taught. H1 and H2 students attend the same lessons. However, H2 Economics students will attend additional payable lessons to cover the chapters in the H2 syllabus.

You can contact us at 8251 3684 to find out about the class schedule and fees.